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赞面馆荘女士本行从事缝纫行业,在2002 缝纫行业遇上了瓶颈,为了维持家计,决定转行投身饮食行业并在八达岭再也开始第一档猪肉面摊! 荘女士烹饪天分出众,从小就可以煮出美味的料理!在挑选食材方面,庄女士也有很高的要求!

每一份食材都要求新鲜和吃的安心! 猪肉粉很快就受到顾客的好评和喜爱!

在2015,她终于创立了“赞面馆“ , 从小档口变成食店!荘女士的宗旨是希望给顾客一个舒服的环境享用一份美味的猪肉粉!赞面馆的猪肉粉采用高质量的安心猪肉,猪骨汤头精心调配,火侯设定熬煮8小时以上!浓郁的猪骨汤配上新鲜安心猪肉配料,每一碗猪肉粉都希望顾客们吃得健康和安心! 赞面馆除了招牌猪肉粉,还有推出其他多样化古早味美食! 传统肉碎泡饭, 白胡椒猪肚汤,苦瓜面线,南乳猪扒饭,妈蜜猪扒饭等,都是顾客们的喜爱!荘女士”一碗好吃的猪肉粉,一定要舍得下足料"!
如今,赞面馆在雪隆区已有三家分行,One City , Puchong 和Bukit Jalil. 赞面馆感谢顾客们一路来的支持与喜爱! 希望赞面馆可以在更多的地方开分店,让顾客们开心的享用一碗精心烹煮的猪骨汤猪肉粉!

The founder of Like Mee Noodle House - Madam Shirley started her F&B career since 2002. She ran a pork noodle stall in Petaling Jaya to support her family and also children’s study expenses. With her talented and 20 years of experienced culinary skill, her pork noodles are praised and loved by customers. In 2015, with the help of her children and the encouragement from her family, the first Like Mee Noodle House was established in Subang Jaya. The main purpose is to serve customers a taste of her hot and scrumptious pork bone soup noodle in a comfortable environment. Madam Shirley is also very selective in ingredients. She insists to use good-quality reassuring pork and hopes to give customers a healthier meal. The signature pork soup base includes pork bones and other ingredients, which will be boiled for at least 8 hours to turn into a rich and thick pork bone broth.Today, Like Mee Noodle House is well known by the word of mouth by customers. Like Mee Noodle House has successfully developed three branches in Klang Valley. Like Mee Noodle House aims to inherit the traditional culinary taste of Madam Shirley and brings every customer a satisfying bowl of hot and thick pork bone soup noodles.

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